Yellowstone Adventures

Mammoth Hot SpringsIn September we spent about a week and a half in Yellowstone, staying in West Yellowstone, MT, and taking trips in the park every day. We had a fantastic time. Here are some photos on Picasa and below are some interesting highlights:

  • Drove 3,800 miles. Went over Teton Pass.
  • Drove the Beartooth Highway, wow! “the most beautiful drive in America”.
  • Hit many of the amazing sights in Yellowstone National Park – too numerous to list.
  • Slept in the car with 3 people one night (least comfortable car sleeping experience yet).
  • Tent camped one night and had a great campfire (with dead and down wood only!).
  • Day hiked 8 miles in the northwestern part of the park near Mt. Holmes and the Gallatin Range – rested in the hammocks and cooked lunch.
  • Buffalo, ospreys, elk, mule deer, red fox, giant obese cat with 2 thumbs on each paw … no bear or wolf but we skipped a couple crowds that might have seen one of the two in Hayden Valley.
  • Walked through a warm steam bath on a cold rainy day around huge hot spring pools of Midway Geyser Basin.
  • Were faced down by giant bull elks in rut season twice in the night, one time saved by a ranger using his patrol car as a shield.
  • Saw incredible stars you wouldn’t think possible.

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