Snow Peak GigaPower Auto on Sale for $25

snow peak gigapower auto stove

The Snow Peak GigaPower Auto isobutane canister stove is on a fantastic sale price right now at REI – $25. It really is $50 normally, and I see that’s what it is on Amazon right now.

I’m not sure why it’s on sale, but maybe it’s due to their LiteMax stove ($60). Or perhaps they will make a new version or something. Alternatively, Amazon sells cheap stoves (such as Etekcity for $10) that fit the same fuel canisters and do the job, but aren’t as refined and are slightly heavier. I have one as a backup.

I’ve had the Snow Peak GigaPower Auto since our 2005 trip in Sequoia National Park and still love it. It’s very cool it won the Backpacker Magazine’s 2015 Editor’s Choice Gold Award. The design is still a great way to go if you want one. They do make a $10 windscreen for it also that I got a few years back and it helps with boiling quicker.

Backpacker Magazine said:

“Flashback to 1999: A Japanese company hit the U.S. scene with a number of elegant products, and the tiny, powerful GigaPower Stove became a staff favorite and Editors’ Choice Award winner. Today, that stove is still tiny, still powerful, still a staff favorite”


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