Selling Off Public Lands in Idaho – Wilderness Society video

Wow I didn’t realize they were actually considering selling federal public lands. That’s ridiculous and has to be squashed soundly. That’s terrible that Idaho is selling off so much of their state owned lands. I signed the petition, but this shows how important it is to vote. Check which candidate or party is closer to your views on public lands and vote for them! All offices.

My wife and I went thru Idaho on our honeymoon and loved it. It’s fantastically beautiful state and public lands are a huge part of its wealth. That last view  in the video looks like it may be the White Bird Battlefield overlook which we saw. We dipped our feet and waded into the Salmon River. And he mentioned the Seven Devils – we drove up to the Heaven’s Gate overlook of Hell’s Canyon and could see the Seven Devils peaks from there, awesome experience.

I take yearly backpacking trips to wilderness areas. I really look forward to those and I really remember them fondly so that is an important part of my life. That is when I feel like the narrator said, that “you’re just another being out there on the landscape, no greater, no less.” But everybody needs wilderness, even if you never visit it in person, you are enriched knowing it exists.

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