John Krebs Wilderness, New Designation

The John Krebs Wilderness was created in April 2009 and it pushed the percentage of wilderness area within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks from 83.6% to 93.4%. This happened a while back but I still wanted to post about it since I loved hearing it. The Wilderness encompasses 39,740 acres in the area of Sequoia National Park to the south of the Mineral King Road, and also has a narrow band surrounding the Mineral King Valley. This puts the Wilderness up to the Mineral King side of Sawtooth Pass, Timber Gap, Franklin Pass, and Farewell Gap. It also includes a large part of the East Fork of the Kaweah River. The Golden Trout Wilderness borders it to the southeast and the Sequoia National Park’s Wilderness borders it to the north and east so it connects a large area of wilderness. This area had already been administered as defacto wilderness so didn’t require a huge change but it is great to make it official.

John Krebs Wilderness Map

The Wilderness was named after the former California representative who fought to protect the Mineral King Valley. I have to say thank you to John Krebs and also to Senator Barbara Boxer who introduced the first John Krebs Wilderness effort in 2002. We hiked through it on our 2005 trip to the Mineral King area. It is an amazing place for sure and it’s music to my ears to hear it protected as wilderness. Keep it wild. The more wilderness the better 🙂


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