Graffiti Artist “Tagging” in Joshua Tree

A reader of Modern Hiker’s website alerted the author to what looked like the tag of a well known street artist on a rock in Joshua Tree National Park. I guess he’s well known, well I don’t know him or care about him, at least until he did this vandalism on our public lands. I guess he maybe gains some street artist capital by stunts like this.

Modern Hiker post with updates

Someone needs to give this fool a copy of Leave No Trace.

And some lessons in how to be a decent human being.

Mr. Andre Issues Legal Threat to Modern HikerĀ 

And some new lawyers, hahahah, funniest legal threat ever.

It was great to hear the response from the outdoor community and the park rangers! Now it appears that this kind of thing is becoming more widespread so it’s more important than ever to be vigilant about vandalism on our public lands.

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