Google to Shut Down Panoramio on Nov 4

Update: More recent Panoramio & Google Earth news here Late on Friday, Google announced in an email to users (and a page here) they would soon close down it’s geo-positioned photo sharing site Panoramio, removing access for its users to upload new photos on November 4th, 2016. Google had previously announced back in September 2014 that […]

Picasa No Longer Supported by Google After March 15

I began writing about geotagging with Picasa in another post, but I realized Google changes their photo products so ridiculously often that I’d better check on any Picasa-related news. (See Picasa Web Albums, Google+ Photos, Panoramio, Views, Google Photos…) Lo and behold, the first thing I see is a post from today on the official Picasa […]

Great Panorama Stitcher – Microsoft Research’s ICE

Best panorama stitching software I have found and now use is Microsoft Research’s ICE (Image Composite Editor). It’s extremely simple to use, has good quality results, and has all the options I need. It’s free, but it’s only available for Windows. Microsoft Research’s ICE (Image Composite Editor) I have had 2 cameras that each came […]

Mt. Everest 3.8 Billion Pixel Interactive Image

This 3.8 gigapixel image of the Khumbu Glacier was captured and stitched by David Breashears in spring 2012, from a viewpoint near Mount Everest. You can pan and zoom around this remarkable image, seeing the massive tent city of Base Camp, and awesome features of the Khumbu Icefall and surrounding mountains. You can also spy […]