A Brief Story of Wilderness Areas in the U.S.

I read an article on National Geographic’s website that was a good short read about the Wilderness Act and wilderness areas. I particularly liked some of the quotes: “In truth, ‘Wilderness’ is a state of mind and heart” is how photographer Ansel Adams once put it. “Very little exists now in actuality.” And that actually […]

Mt. Everest 3.8 Billion Pixel Interactive Image

This 3.8 gigapixel image of the Khumbu Glacier was captured and stitched by David Breashears in spring 2012, from a viewpoint near Mount Everest. You can pan and zoom around this remarkable image, seeing the massive tent city of Base Camp, and awesome features of the Khumbu Icefall and surrounding mountains. You can also spy […]

John Krebs Wilderness, New Designation

The John Krebs Wilderness was created in April 2009 and it pushed the percentage of wilderness area within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks from 83.6% to 93.4%. This happened a while back but I still wanted to post about it since I loved hearing it. The Wilderness encompasses 39,740 acres in the area of […]