Camp Stove Caused Colorado Wildfire

A camp stove is behind the huge Colorado wildfires in the Roosevelt National Forest in the Fort Collins area that started May 14th. It sounds like the man whose stove started it tried to stamp it out but then had to flee as it got out of hand. He later reported it to the police (there is no cell service in the area he was camping). I have to say good for him for letting the authorities know. Despite him starting the fire, that is an honorable dude.

Camp stoves are safer, but there is still danger of causing a wildfire. I guess all it takes is for one dry pine tree to catch on since those can burn incredibly fast. So you have to be careful even when using a stove, and really careful actually building a campfire, especially with dry forest duff around. You might be somewhat helpless to stop it without water or anything around. I guess smothering it quickly might be your best shot.

Tom and I can always bring up the campfire we had on our first backpacking trip that restarted itself after we had gone to bed! I remember it got really bright suddenly and startled us. It wasn’t just burning, somehow it really flared up high. Good thing it was in a fire pit. And it helped that we were next to a lake.

There are also stories of fires being put out and traveling underground through layers of forest duff and flaring up somewhere else. We seriously douse fires and dig them out everytime.


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